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First exhibition

The first exhibition was put together by the Maribor National Liberation Museum and portrays the city of Maribor in 1941, along with the German occupation of the surroundings.


Second exhibition

The second one, the joint effort of researchers from Maribor and elsewhere in Slovenia, attests to the tragic circumstances that befell the Soviet POWs in the extermination camp at Stalag XVIII-D in Maribor. It has been enriched with the newly found names of the Soviet soldiers, their files, and other important documents. This is also the first such public presentation of Nazi crimes against Soviet POWs in the lands of modern Slovenia, and the exhibition is enriched with pictures and video material.


Third exhibition

The third exhibition, “The Path to Common Victory”, which was presided over by the Russian embassy in Slovenia, faithfully documents historical truths about the joint struggles and efforts for the freedom of the Red Army and the partisan fighters within former Yugoslavia and present-day Slovenia.


Fourth exhibition

The Great Patriotic War of 1941 – 1945 is one of the most important and tragic events of XX century in the history of Russia. It became a trial of endurance for multinational country and for each of its individual. Among artifacts and documents of the collections of Victory Museum, there are unique works of fine art – canvases, created at the time of war and afterwar decades – which are unified by the greatest tension of feelings, undissembled sincerity, expressivity and artistic expression. During selection from the funds, not only level of artistry, but also the extend of compliance with historical fact was taken into consideration. The exhibition “Chronicle of the war” transfers the main tonalities of the war time – the patriotic, optimistic and lyric, despite of tragedy, hardship and rough conditions. The represented photocopies of the canvases describe key topics and events of the war: major military operations, partisan movement, the siege of Leningrad, medical feat in hospitals and labor in the deep rear. The leading motive of the exhibition is glorifying of Victory and victors, as well as affirmation of labor, peace and creativity. All artworks represent different styles and genres, however, all of them connected by strong expressivity, undissembled sincerity and high-level of art mastery.